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I was again in Manhattan Family Court, on Friday October 24. Same all, same all:violation of a court order

Inside Manhattan Family Court

Inside Manhattan Family Court

for being $400 in arrears for medical expenses related to my girls, because sicko ex-wife did not want to use my health insurance; in the pipeline, another $2,000 of these expenses for 2008, which will give rise to subsequent court dates for subsequent violation of court orders. The bi-annual circus of court dates might end if Support Magistrate Grey were to realize that sicko ex-wife is the only person in America whose kids are covered for dental and vision expenses and does not use this insurance, while the United States is still trying to implement universal health medical coverage …for children. Just because this insurance is mine, and she can harm me this way.

On Friday, I could not help thinking that secrecy in the family courtroom helps biased justice against fathers to be perpetrated. Let us break this secrecy and enjoy a fragment of “inside the courtroom.”

Cheryl Solomon (lawyer of sicko ex-wife) asked me to look at my 2008 pay stubs. I had just provided a copy of all pay stubs for 2008 to Support Magistrate Grey, but Solomon wanted me to look at the copies she supeonaed from the New York State Office of the State Office Comptroller. She wanted “her work” to be acknowledged. Hence she could justify the $7,000 new retainer fee she asked sicko ex-wife to pay, retainer fee that she hopes she will add to my bill through a new Court order.

“Mr Lacour, how come you did not manage to send $100 or $200 to your ex-wife while you earn – now- $1,600 net a month?”

Parenthesis: Solomon is not the Peace Corps type of woman; she never went to Chicago’s suburbs to experience once in her lifetime the lot of the poor; I bet she does not have the faintest idea as to what it means to live with less than twice as much as $1,600 a month.

“Mr Lacour, have you ever been evicted from your home?”

“Mr Lacour, have you ever filed for bankruptcy?”

Translation: if you are not homeless, you are not credible and therefore, you are stealing from your ex-wife. The nazi lawyer line: you did not die in concentration camp, hence concentration camps did not exist. Anything you make beyond absolute bear necessities is taken way from your ex-wife, because she has a claim on it. No soup for you! Don’t even think of justice.

I forcefully objected to these line of questioning and my objection – miracle!- was sustained.

Manhattan family court building has recently been renovated. They forgot an important item: cameras. In all the court rooms. “Justice” has to be televised and aired.

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