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I found by chance an old New York Times article about this twenty- one-year old kid – Evan Emory. Evan Emory made a video singing for first graders, then edited the lyrics with his own, sexually explicit lyrics.  The first graders look like there are listening to profanities. Then he shows the video in a nightclub and posted it on YouTube.

That’s it. No kids have been exposed to pornography nor hurt. Just plain stupid. Sentence: no computer for you for a while, a few months cleaning playgrounds and writing a meaningful essay on pornography, starting with the erotic subtext in Perrault and Grimm tales.

Emory is unfortunately contemplating much more: Tony Tague, the Muskegon (Michigan) County Prosecutor charged him with manufacturing child pornography, which carries up to twenty years in prison and the label of sex offender.

This people must be watching to much of the repulsive Chris Hansen’s MSNBC  show “To Catch a Predator.

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It must have to do with my sour commerce with the New York State family court system, I have gotten an epidermic sensitivity for lives broken by justice.  Also I sense in Florence Cassez’ sixty-year jail sentence in Mexico the heavy hand of motives that have nothing to do with justice.

Is she guilty? That’s really not clear. As the girlfriend of  the Mexican group’s leader of kidnappers los Zodiacos, she might have known about some of what was going on.  Yet there has been so many irregularities in her trial – starting with a staged second arrest aimed at showing that the Mexican government was tough on crime- that in many countries, a case like Cassez’s would end up with a mistrial. Mexicans themselves don’t seem to have much faith in the way the Mexican justice system dealt with the Cassez’s case. Check out 2009 Aristegui’s interview on CNN in Spanish:

Let us assume now that you are the French government and want to help Florence Cassez do her time in France –  as international conventions might allow her- where she would be able to see her family more easily than in Mexico. If you are the French president, you keep a low profile.  After all, France has also a colonial past with Mexico, that’s even what Cinco de Mayo is about.  You let not-that-visible emissaries conduct the negotiations with the Mexican government. You don’t trumpet your claim to see a compatriot doing time in France in front of the whole Mexican Senate – after an appeal in the Mexican Supreme Court and months of international media attention focusing on the pitfalls of the Mexican justice system. Because if you do so, you are vulnerable to the accusation of arrogance and you have no fallback position, beside canceling the year of Mexico in France (which was supposed to take place in 2011) which has nothing to do with the Cassez’s case, and  against Florence Cassez’s very view.

It will certainly take another new French government to repair the damage of this Mexican -French saga and improve Florence Cassez’s lot.

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