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A few days ago, I found by chance the Mom of three’s blog, bashing about Du Page County Family Court in Illinois. It was not exactly clear to me why. The blogger has joint custody of her children, which is an option denied to divorced fathers living in New York State for instance. She complained that the father is an abuser but there were no specifics.

After a few lines, you get what is wrong with Du Page family justice, as with any family justice that does not satisfy 100% the claims of the blogger, who is the “I have to have it all” type of woman: “There is no reason why any mother should not have full custody unless she is a serial killer.” Interesting. “She should also get full support.” What the hell does that mean? “If she has the children out of wedlock that is law, no courts are required, and the father of her children goes to jail if he does not pay 33% of his income.”

Gosh. These folks are dreaming of chained divorced fathers, in orange suits, breaking stones on Illinois roads.

The foes of Du Page family justice’s also deplore its negative impact on marriage. According to the blogger, “no woman in her right mind will marry knowing that these laws exist and are being enforced this way.” Frankly ,if any of these women declares her views on family justice to her date and the guy volunteers for a second date, he must be completely deranged. Run, men, run!

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