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We live in a wonderful world. Today in Hudson County (New Jersey), dads were arrested for falling behind in child support. Like vulgar criminals. Charles Hack’s article was as flat as Bush’s brain.  A quote of  the proud  sheriff asserting that “the children did not ask to be brought to this world” hence the fathers have to face their obligations or else, brought to justice. The fellow has lost his job, he cannot pay? Too bad. He is in jail until he can; with the money he will make there. 

Charles Hack and the Hudson County sheriff have not read Sanford Braver (Divorced Dads) . They don’t know that there are no deadbeat dads. The family court system  make them insolvent and push them to financial corners with unreasonable, mounting obligations.

Where are these  fathers jailed? In regular, general population prisons? Does somebody know? It is time to organize demonstrations in front of these places  to protest against father’s oppression by the so-called family justice system of this country.

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There are the common manifestations of PAS, which non-custodial fathers know too well: gifts or cards never given to the children,  phone calls filtered, or calls that stop when a trial is over. Here is a new one: turning down father’s medical health insurance and having him pay un-reimbursed medical expenses which could be covered by his health insurance.

The divorce agreement I signed in May 2001 includes an article stating that “the father shall pay each year through his “Flex Plan” the first $2,000 of uninsured medical expenses for the children, including physicians’ services…dental, orthodontia, psychiatric, pyschological, pharmaceutical and optometry expenses.” All the latter are expenses that Princeton University – where sicko works-  medical insurance does not cover. Because I did not have health insurance at the time, I agreed to chip in through flexible pretax plan.

Five years later, I am privileged enough to benefit from one of the best health insurance in the country, and to be able  to insure my daughters, thanks to the SUNY union -United University Professions. The insurance provides the whole enchilada: medical, vision, dental. Except for dental expenses, where forms have to be filled, there is just one thing to do: swipe the damn card when needed.  

There are forty- five million people without health insurance in this country,  but sicko ex-wife  must be the only American who refuses to use dental and vision insurance for her children. Why? First, I would contribute something for the children, and this cannot happen  on her watch. She has to be the only provider in town: of love, housing, health insurance. Second, with the help of biased Manhattan family court, she can get me for un-reimbursed medical expenses.

Talking about Manhattan Family court, I just received today, December 15 2008, a support order requiring that I enroll the children in any health coverage available where I work. Even a mind like Kafka’s could not envision such depth in absurd pointlessness.

I hope that Daschle, Obama’s health policy man, will succeed in providing this country with universal health insurance. And make it a crime not to use health insurance if you have one.

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Tell me otherwise but to me, the holidays season is not the brightest or the smartest one. It must have to do with the  Christmas carols that stores keep playing without interruption. In the Child Support Enforcement Unit, 151 West Broadway, New York City, stupidity is not in the air, but on the walls; right behind the representative I was seeing on  Friday November 29. On a poster, written in big letters:


My first reaction was to think that these child-support folks do not have a clue about love. If as John Lennon said, “all we (children) need is love,” and love is child support, we are in a sad shape. But I said to myself: “beat it.”  As one of the character of Laughable Loves (Milan Kundera) says, imagine you meet a madman who asserts that he is a fish and that we are all fish. Are you going to fight with him? Are you going to undress and show him that you do not have fins?”

The more I think about it, the more it sounds to me that the authors of this brilliant equation are either totally dumb or totally cynical. Some non-custodial fathers like myself do not see

Besoin de tendresse

Besoin de tendresse

their children. Sicko ex-wife the alienator, has made that impossible.  Child support -love- is, in retarded New york State, a fixed percentage of the the non-custodial parent gross income. In my case, it is withdrawn from my paycheck. I do not even send a check to sicko ex-wife, who – I bet a year of child support- does not brag about “this love” with my girls. She is the only provider, of love, of everything, in town.

Bureaucratic institutions are always problem. At the very least, they should have the decency to stick with what they do: bureaucratic stuff.

Happy holidays!

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