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Michael Moore’s “Sicko” is an unforgettable movie. I have problem to erase from my mind this nice fellow, in one of the first scenes of the movie, who had not been able to pay for one of his two fingers cut off by a saw, because the hospital asked him to pay $60,000 for the surgery. One message from the movie is clear: private health insurance companies do not need help from anyone to shore up profits. Yet sometimes, charitable souls give them a hand in very unexpected ways.

Since September 2006, as a SUNY employee, I have a health plan. Also, thanks to United University Professions, the union of SUNY employees, I have access to dental and vision insurance. It does not help me at all to for the health expenses of my daughters, Camille and Chloe, even though they have been on my plan from day one on. My ex-wife, Claudia Brodsky, is insured by Princeton University but does not have dental insurance. Yet, she refuses to use mine and claims $4,600 in un-reimbursed medical expenses for 2006 and 2007, $3,500 of which in orthodontic expenses for my daughter Chloe. I went to the orthodontist office to have him fill the insurance forms. When Brodsky was aware of it, she threatened the orthodontist to take her business elsewhere if he were to send me the filled-up insurance form. The goal of this beautiful maneuver is to take me to Court, one more time, for violation of our divorce agreement, which stipulates that I am liable for $2,000 in un-reimbursed medical expenses.

Vengeance has no price, and contradictions are peanuts in the balance. Brodsky is indeed a registered democrat. She is aware that both Obama and Clinton, if elected, would make health insurance mandatory for children. My children are already covered for everything, dental and vision included. Would the law force people like Brodsky to use the health insurance of their former ex-spouse for their children under a democratic president? One sure is sure tough: with a single-payer system, children would be insured and sickos would not play hard ball with health insurance plans.

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