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Spanish fathers are about to be allowed to take one breastfeeding hour a day (paid) for nine months after the birth of their child, even if their spouse is fully employed. Thanks to Pedro Manuel Roca Alvarez, who could not enjoy a breastfeeding leave because his wife was self-employed and brought his case to the European Court of Justice. The latter ruled that the Spanish law was causing unjust discrimination.

The  father rights chasm across the Atlantic seems to be widening. I can’t even start thinking of how to obtain ever father breastfeeding right in the U.S.. First, asking for a breastfeeding day for fathers would trigger the opposition of the Tea-party nuts, on the irrefutable grounds that “God did not give breasts to men, so why should lawmakers give men breastfeeding days?” Beside, breastfeeding days for men entail that women have them to. Instead, women in the U.S. have a pale three month – unpaid- parental leave, thanks to the 1993 Family Leave law.

Yet, the new Spanish law makes complete sense. Shared parenting after divorce has much better chances if there is  shared parenting before divorce. I bet that in Spain, they don’t have the best interest of the child “stuff”.

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The actor Charlie Sheene recently filed for divorce. Unlike most fathers, lucky Sheene will get joint custody of the twins he had with Brooke Mueller. He will also have to pay a monthly $55,000 in child support to Mueller.

Let see; $55,000, that’s 5,000 more than…the 2009 YEARLY median American household income of $49,945 (US Census Bureau). We all know that the alleged job of family courts is to foster children happiness. $55,000 monthly, that’s clearly a new high to the price of  happiness, and a new low to decency.

In the case of Sheene, L.A. Superior Court does not know the difference between child support (what raising a child reasonably – even in Hollywood- requires) and alimony to a spouse, which  is the outcome of a deal between two divorcing spouses. That’s not helping the credibility of family courts.

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