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Nurse Ratchet

Nurse Ratchet

In the old Soviet Union, deviants and suspects were sent to psychiatric hospitals to be reeducated. A denunciation could send you there. Psychiatric hospitalization was the answer to the disease of not being able to understand the virtues of the regime. For family courts, therapy in the form of therapeutic supervised visitations is the wonder remedy that is supposed to fix a relation interrupted and damaged by the court itself.
After twenty three regular supervised visitations and sicko ex-wife still stumbling to bring the first proof of her accusations of child abuse, I get therapeutic visitations with my girls, in the beginning of 2004. Spitzer is categorical: after eight of these therapeutic supervised visitations, my normal, unsupervised visitations with the girls will resume. When you have longed for two years of pointless supervised visitations, you take the deal. There was one major flaw to this beautiful plan: sicko ex-wife was therapy-free and as the custodial parent, she was free to alienate at will!
To be continued.

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