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Manhattan Family Court

I can’t help thinking last night  of a comment from a reader, Jay, on my last posting. Jay mentioned that in Canada, fathers have started occupy family courts years ago. Perhaps, fathers are less passive in Canada and this is why family laws are not as intensely biased against fathers than in the US, at least than in New York State.

In any case, Zuccoti Park is a only a few blocks from the infamous building of Manhattan Family court, on 60 Lafayette Street.  I visit it in my dreams. On the eight and ninth floors, the court rooms: that’s where fathers are striped from their rights to see their kids. Going down on the fourth floor, the little rooms without natural light,where the support magistrates lend an complacent ear to the mothers’ child support claims and expenses of all kinds.

I really would not mind to see the working of this inhuman bureaucracy disrupted for a while. Fathers for Justice USA, Fathers and families anything in mind? If yes, count me in.

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There are many interesting things with Occupy Wall Street. Among others, children are  having the time of their life.  As I was

Times Square, October 15 2011.

wandering in Zuccoti Park last week, I saw a children “area”  where a lady was painting children’s faces. She was taking care of them while their parents were patiently debating ideas with whoever. Zuccoti Park is a forum where people take the time to talk about anything.  And they keep talking even when a Ron Paul’s supporter on a bike honks to get their attention.

I could not help but think that the fathers’ movement ought to be there. After all, divorced fathers all over the country are in this whole thanks to the new democratic party  that was shaped in the 90’s. When economic times were good and a budget surplus within reach, President Clinton endeavored to end welfare as we knew it. A republican President could not have done better. What this meant was always more stringent conditions to be eligible for welfare benefits and insanely coercive child support laws for divorced fathers. For them, unemployment is not an option, for it implies not meeting child support obligations and ending up in jail. I wish Thomas Ball would have lived to see Occupy Wall Street.

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