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Photo AP

Photo AP

Christian Gehartsreiter, alias Clark Rockefeller, is currently on trial for having kidnaped his daughter Reigh during a supervised visitation in July 2008. An amber alert was declared and Gehartsreiter was arrested in Baltimore as he was trying to leave the country with his daughter. Rockefeller will plead insanity:  his lawyers will say he suffered from bipolar disorder and depression, delusion and narcissism. According to Martin Finucane from Boston.com, attorneys seem to agree that the strategy adopted by the defense is a risky one, unlikely to convince jurors.

Whether the man is delusional or not, whether his defense strategy is convincing or not, two things are sure: first, Gehartsreiter/Rockefeller loves his daughter and did not harm her in anyway, ever; second, he could not take any longer the regime of supervised visitations that he had agreed to with his ex-wife, Sandra Boss. That’s the sad part of Gehartsreiter/Rockefeller’s defense strategy:  all the legal kidnapers, who deprive non-custodial fathers from their right to have a normal relationship with their children and the family court system, which protects them, receive a clean bill of mental health.

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