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The Closer (Kira Sedgwick)

The Closer (Kira Sedgwick)

I happened to watch “The Closer” (Kyra Sedgwick) tonight. The first episode of season 5, whose title I could not find. Frankly, at the beginning, I was scared that the show would  sunk in one of the worst cliche ever. Brenda and her squad discovered that an entire latino  family has been murdered: the mother, the two kids and la suegra. “Usual” suspect: the husband, Rivera.  Rivera has been charged with domestic violence in the past but he tries to fix his indomitable temper by going more to church. In addition, he has had a mistress. You have the whole latino male profile: the guy has intercourse with his wife, then his mistress, beats his kids, goes to church and have a few tequilas in between (change tequila for wine and delete church going and you get the French).  He has to be the guy.

But by chance, Brenda’s investigation stumbles into an FBI protected agent involved with a drug lord. The protected agent was supposed to be the victim instead of the entire family. The author of the tragic mistake: pregnant Dina (latina), who did not hesitate to kill an entire family to take her man out of jail. When Brenda gets her to confess, Dina utters that she wanted to have her family! What wouldn’t one do in the name of family…

In the end, Lieutenant Provenza does his best to comfort Rivera, who at least is cleared. Family courts goes for the easy scapegoat in less dramatic matters – the male brute-, while the “closer” looks beyond cliches.  The law is always two steps behind society.

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