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A year ago, I was once again stuck in family court. Ex was dragging me there one more time for unreimbursed medical expenses, mostly orthodontic, for my girls.  Ex did not want to use my dental insurance, did not ask health providers to fill insurance claims and was instructing health providers not to speak to me. Our case was assigned to a new  Support Magistrate, let us call her Kukuk. Not the overtly biased type like S.M. Grey but the whimsical, lunatic one. Kukuk first found me in violation and gave me the whole enchilada: the claimed unreimbursed orthodontic expenses and ex-wife lawyers fees. Four months later, she waved the Court order but finally reinstated it for the only reason that I could not be in Court the day she wanted me to. In Manhattan family court, facts and the search for justice are rarely the guide of magistrates’ decisions.

Kukuk’s ruling was proving one more time that in Manhattan Family Court, non-sense would never end. I decided to have my divorce agreement amended in Supreme Court. Some thousands of dollar later, I have a Supreme Court order stating that I can speak to the health providers of my daughters, use my dental and vision insurance for them (which by New York State law, I have to have), and that my ex and I will go over medical expenses at the end of the year: a definite breakthrough for family justice in New York State.

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