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Each year in March, I receive a grade report, at least of one of my girls. Both are now in

Hasta el viento tiene miedo (Carlos Enrique Taboada)

Brearley Upper School, but for some reason, I have never received two grade reports of this School, one for each of my daughter, the same year. I don’t ask why.

This year, in March 2012, along with my oldest one’s grades, was a generic letter signed Evelyn Sigal, Head of the Upper School, with the words:”If you have not already had the chance to discuss with your daughter her performance on her exams, I urge you to use this report as a catalyst for doing so.” 

The Brearley School must either have a special sense of humor I don’t get or a very short memory. In 2009, the Brearley School barred me from attending parents-teachers conference, although I had a Family Court order granting me the right to the contrary. And as I was blogging about it,  I received a cease or desist threat from the Brearley School councel. It was about refraining from comments -supposedly inflammatory-  about the Brearley School on my blog.

I learned then the Brearley School had read my blog.  Hence the Brearley School must have figured out I am incommunicado with my daughters, for almost seven years now. The Brearley School wants me “to use this report as a catalyst to discuss with my daughter on her exams?” I wished the Brearley School had not been another catalyst of my eviction from the lives of my girls. I could perhaps talk about their exams with them now.

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