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Like the average Joe unfamiliar with the law, I thought that the cardinal qualities of a judge in the search for justice would be reason, equity and impartiality. Wrong! In family courts, creativity comes first. Everyday family courts judges unleashed treasures of imagination to protect the best interests of the child.

Check that one: in Illinois, Judge Edward Jordan single handedly invented a new type of restraining order at the request of a mother: barring a divorced father – Joseph Reyes- to expose his baby girl to any other religion but judaism. I guess the model that Judge Jordan was trying to emulate was Afghanistan, where there is a general restraining order on exposing children to any other religion but Islam. Joseph Reyes, a catholic, took her daughter to church.  He wants his daughter to be exposed to his faith and that of his ex-wife. He might face prison charges for violating a court order.

One can only wish that Illinois voters will be wise enough not to reelect this pioneer of the dialogue between religions, and help him refresh his knowledge on human rights.

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This Judge Judy’s case was on a recent Glenn Sacks’ posting. A 22 year-old man, Adrian Welsh, was suing his ex-girl friend,  Ashley Brawthen, for destruction and steal of property. On January 13 of this year, Ashley -with the baby she had with Adrian- leaves the conjugal apartment and go to her parents. On January 25, allegedly upon receiving a provocative phone call, she goes to her boyfriend’s, finds him with another girl and breaks the door of his bedroom.  Then, on January 30 – when Adrian is taking care of the kid!- she goes to court to get a restraining order and to file for custody.  This young lady has clearly understood the way to work the system: with a restraining order – that one can get without problem, one just wonders why they are not available with dispensing machines at the entrance of family courts- she will get the kid, most of the goods and revenge. Adrian Welsh was smart enough to take a break from  family court and knocked Judge Judy ‘s door. When Judge Judy asked Ashley why she filed for a restraining order, she repeats the sesame words: “he physically and verbally abused me,” but all the specifics she comes with is harassing text messages. Watch her having her ass properly kicked by Judge Judy:

Judge Judy regrets to see a Ashley Brawthen abusing a system that women have worked so hard to reform. Many non-custodial fathers wonders why the family court system let itself abuse so easily. Perhaps it would not be so if it was not  a behind closed- doors justice. Biases would not fly well in public.

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