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First, they strip you from the right to see your children. Second they strip you from your money. That’s the job of Support Magistrates in family courts. If you have the bad luck to have your case dealt with by a zealous one such as Support Magistrate Grey, you will get a money  judgment order, by which your employer will have to deduct any amount her Highness decides to deprive you off.  It might exceed the retarded New York State guidelines of 17% of your gross income for one child and 25% for two. You might be left with just enough to pay your rent. It does not matter; you pay fellah.

In my case, things should  be easy. New York State Child Support Processing Center processes child support dues from payments coming from New York State. But New York State Processing Center is facetious. I recently received a “Notice Regarding Child Support and Certification for Tax Offset/Passport Denial”. I owe $393.92 in child support. Why? God knows.To find out why, I can fill up a Request for a administrative  review form, where it is nowhere suggested that  New York State might have made a mistake. In the meantime tough, compassionate New York State charges a 9% interest rate in child support arrears. And good luck to find out on what amount the interest rate applies.

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