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Carlos Bail Romero (photo New York Times)

Carlos Bail Romero (photo New York Times)

Just two weeks ago, Madonna was barred from adopting a 3 year-old girl called Chifundo “Mercy” by a Malawian court. This ruling, which was contrary to the position of the Malawian government, was founded on the fact that the orphan is not exactly one – she has family. Hence Malawi should take care of its kids, otherwise charitable souls would soon market Malawian children to clients in developed countries. Madonna reported to South African newspapers that denying “Chifundo James the opportunity to be adopted by me could expose her to hardship and emotional trauma.” Madonna is off. Madonna, L.A. paradise on Earth with its sunset, Disneyworld and else do not exist for Chifundo; her extended family in Malawi do. Depriving her from them could be traumatic.

Be it as it may, some Madonna’s fans should procure her the phone number of Jasper county (Missouri (US)) circuit court judge, David C. Dally.  This fellow plays God in court. And he has views on due process that would suit Madonna’s needs, provided that she be willing to adopt a kid of Central American origins. Dally indeed granted adoption of Carlos, the son of Encarnación Bail Romero, her mother to a family of strangers. Why did sinister Dally deprive Carlos’ mum of her custody rights? Ms Bail Romero is in jail, after the Immigration and Naturalization Services raided a poultry plant where she was working illegally. While her mother was in jail, Carlos (now 2) ‘s fate was sealed. He was adopted by a local couple. Demiurge Dally decided that compared to this well-off – local- couple, Ms Bail, who faced deportation, had nothing to offer. Next!

From jail, Ms Bail is trying to appeal. I hope she will be successful. But please, Mr Missouri Attorney General, in the meantime, protect the welfare of Missouri residents. Move Dally to a job where he cannot do harm. Or offer him a retraining trip to Malawi.

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