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You don’t know what parental alienation and parental alienation syndrom are? Take a look at what follows:

On December 19, on Camille’s birthday, I sent my girls two watches – one for Camille, one for Chloé- and a card. On Tuesday January 24, I received – in the very envelope I had used- the two watches – unwrapped- and my card with the following line on the lower right corner:

We want nothing from you except the return of our privacy, starting with the removal of your disgusting website.

What’s the intention of these words?  To hurt, to rubb hate to my face. Touché.

This line is not signed. Camille? Chloé? Mom?  A “we” wrote to me. At this stage, the alienating parent has won. The brainwashing has been completed. Mom does not need anymore to tell her victims their father is to be hated, for mom’s hate  has been appropriated by the victims. At this stage, why would mom feel she is doing anything wrong, if she has ever?  Two seemingly rational girls reflect back her own hate. The privacy my girls say they want back?  Although they live in New York City, it is as if they were living in a bunker to me. I have no contact with them except through mom’s email, through mom’s phone, under mom’s control. But mom wants the removal of “my website,” which is the only thing that keeps her from evicting me in peace from the universe of the girls. The victims take side with the executioner, that’s the beauty of parental alienation.  The request to remove my blog is a starting point without any end. In fact, I am deep fried in eternal hate: Mom’s.

Girls, I love you no matter what.

But this blog will go on. For a long time now, it ‘s not just been about you. It has been about preserving the privacy of other children like you with their dads; And to try to keep the irresponsible amateurs of Manhattan Family Court –the Sturms, the Octobres, the Spitzers, the Berrils – to give a free pass to parental alienation.

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Gosh, I wish the New York Times had sneaked in Manhattan Family Court when I was a regular customer there, from 2001 to


2009. But later is better than never. William Glaberson’s article from yesterday, Friday November 18, describes the making of  people’s family justice in New York City. Readers can learn what divorced fathers have come to know as they tasted family courts. It is Guantánamo right here in the city.

I guess many people don’t know the most important piece of news one learns from this article: Family courts in New York City are not supposed to be the secretive places they are. On the contrary, they have been ordered to be opened to the public since 1997. Yet it looks that for fourteen years now, the media has not been welcome there. Glaberson mentions arrogant cops denying reporters entry to court rooms, judges asking reporters to show their credentials to court clerks, who ask them to get the approval of the state’s chief administrative judge. As a result, accountability is nil. The little world of family court does as it pleases and prospers. Trials last what they last – mine lasted more than six years, law guardians sleep on the children’s  interests which they are to represent; unsupervised social-agency workers that supervise the visitations with your children have the leeway to bully you while you are trying to keep your relationship with your kids from deleting.

The media should not stop halfway in this most welcome attempt to lift the veil on the nauseating secrets of family justice in New York State. There is a lot of investigating to do about the work of  support magistrates, these gracious people who behind close doors decide about child support payments that too often put non-custodial parents in the red and sometimes in jail. And please, pay a visit to the nasty fellows of the Support Collection Unit on 151 West Broadway, in the City.

When is the reform of family justice be on the agenda of New York State Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman?

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Manhattan Family Court

I can’t help thinking last night  of a comment from a reader, Jay, on my last posting. Jay mentioned that in Canada, fathers have started occupy family courts years ago. Perhaps, fathers are less passive in Canada and this is why family laws are not as intensely biased against fathers than in the US, at least than in New York State.

In any case, Zuccoti Park is a only a few blocks from the infamous building of Manhattan Family court, on 60 Lafayette Street.  I visit it in my dreams. On the eight and ninth floors, the court rooms: that’s where fathers are striped from their rights to see their kids. Going down on the fourth floor, the little rooms without natural light,where the support magistrates lend an complacent ear to the mothers’ child support claims and expenses of all kinds.

I really would not mind to see the working of this inhuman bureaucracy disrupted for a while. Fathers for Justice USA, Fathers and families anything in mind? If yes, count me in.

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A year ago, I was once again stuck in family court. Ex was dragging me there one more time for unreimbursed medical expenses, mostly orthodontic, for my girls.  Ex did not want to use my dental insurance, did not ask health providers to fill insurance claims and was instructing health providers not to speak to me. Our case was assigned to a new  Support Magistrate, let us call her Kukuk. Not the overtly biased type like S.M. Grey but the whimsical, lunatic one. Kukuk first found me in violation and gave me the whole enchilada: the claimed unreimbursed orthodontic expenses and ex-wife lawyers fees. Four months later, she waved the Court order but finally reinstated it for the only reason that I could not be in Court the day she wanted me to. In Manhattan family court, facts and the search for justice are rarely the guide of magistrates’ decisions.

Kukuk’s ruling was proving one more time that in Manhattan Family Court, non-sense would never end. I decided to have my divorce agreement amended in Supreme Court. Some thousands of dollar later, I have a Supreme Court order stating that I can speak to the health providers of my daughters, use my dental and vision insurance for them (which by New York State law, I have to have), and that my ex and I will go over medical expenses at the end of the year: a definite breakthrough for family justice in New York State.

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Support magistrates are lawyers appointed by the Chief Magistrate of the court for a period of three years, with a possible extension of fivevautours years. During their tenure, they are mighty tyrants, who interpret and apply the law of the State as they please. Retarded New York State law says that the non-custodial parents shall pay no more than 25% of your gross income for two children?  Support Magistrate Solange Grey had  31% of my gross income deducted from my paycheck trough money judgement, leaving me with $1,600 net in “good” months in 2008. No jury, no witnesses. Of course, you can object. Good luck. Judge Soso-Lintner , whom your objection is sent to, will pull out of her hat an obscure precedent that nobody has heard of; probably a poor fellow like you that was abused by Manhattan Family Court. Objection denied. You want to have another tyrant assigned to your case? You have to ask Passidomo, the chief support magistrate. His Excellency does not answer letter, at least letters from the commoners.

By the end of last year, I had a very short-lived financial break, or I should say, breath. Sicko’s claimed unreimbursed medical expenses for 2006-07 were paid off, 9% subprime interest rate too, and rapacious Child Support Collection Unit was -just !- withdrawing $1,000 in child support. But sicko ex-wife had in her pipeline new orthodontic expenses which could be covered by my health insurance. But why use my insurance when she can harm me in Family court and count on Grey for that purpose? In December 2008, I got a new money judgment for  $2,100 of unreimbursed medical expenses and a willful violation for not having paid them earlier. Really, what was I thinking of with the bonanza that Child Support Collection Unit was leaving me every month? To make things even better, Grey ordered me to pay half of Cheryl  Solomon (my ex-wife’s lawyer) fees: $1,125 to be sent by February 15 2009. Completely nonsensical, given that I cannot afford a lawyer and do not have one.  Support Magistrate Grey was surely paving the way for another “willful” violation. She has undeniably signed the textbook case of biased “justice”.

I have not heard of justice renovation in the President’s stimulus plan. Please, Mr President. Replace “the Greys” who staff family courts with unbiased magistrates. That would be better justice and good economic stimulus.

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