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Yesterday February 5, I called New York State Child Support Help Line (1 888 208 4485). At the beginning of this month, I discovered that $1875 had been garnished out of my paycheck. That is 32.6% of my gross income, instead of the 25% for two children that New York State Child Support Laws stipulate. My child support obligations are $1,250 a month and I have a pending case in court for unreimbursed medical expenses that are not reimbursed because ex-wife does not want to use my health insurance. I wanted to know who was the sensitive fellow who made the decision to leave me with just enough money to cover my rent and utilities. No food for me this month.

The nasty New York Child Support Help Line operator (whose call center is not located in India, I checked with her) brushed away my concerns. 32.6% of my gross income gone? Peanuts. The State can legally garnish up to 65% of your gross income. In fact I am a lucky man, and the bureaucrat from New York State Child Support Processing Center in Albany who deals with my case a sensitive fellow indeed.

Let see. You are the average fellow whose income and payroll taxes amount to 30% of your gross income. New York State garnishes another  65% of your gross income. You are left with 5 cent out of each dollar you earn. If you are taxed more than 30%, you are left with literally nothing.

New York State residents are blessed. In addition to Jim Crow Policing in New York City (read the excellent Bob Hebert Op-Ed piece in the February 2 New York Times), we have Jesse James family justice for non-custodial parents. The State strip searches you and takes everything you have in your pockets. Until next time.

When and how come have theses laws ever  been enacted? When are these politicians – republicans and democrats- who voted these laws going to be sacked out of office?

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