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I saw “the Song of Sparrows” (Majid Majidi, Iran, 2008) two days ago. This movie is not about a struggle for survival (what the trailer says), or even the cultural shock of a red neck going to the big city (Tehran). It is about fatherhood, and it is as superb as the rural landscapes (the surroundings of Tehran?) that the main protagonist is crossing on his bike on his way to the big city. The protagonist, Karim, is a father. He does what fathers do, like tying the laces of the shoes of his girl who goes to school. The premise: Karim’s older daughter’s hearing aid is damaged and he wants to fix it for her. Moreover, he will  lose his job as a worker in an rural farm raising ostriches.

Always sensitive and culturally open-minded PG states that “some material may not be suitable for children?” Perhaps because U.S. family courts, if they were to see the movie, would cast Karim as a child abuser and prescribe him supervised visitations.

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