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Support magistrates are lawyers appointed by the Chief Magistrate of the court for a period of three years, with a possible extension of fivevautours years. During their tenure, they are mighty tyrants, who interpret and apply the law of the State as they please. Retarded New York State law says that the non-custodial parents shall pay no more than 25% of your gross income for two children?  Support Magistrate Solange Grey had  31% of my gross income deducted from my paycheck trough money judgement, leaving me with $1,600 net in “good” months in 2008. No jury, no witnesses. Of course, you can object. Good luck. Judge Soso-Lintner , whom your objection is sent to, will pull out of her hat an obscure precedent that nobody has heard of; probably a poor fellow like you that was abused by Manhattan Family Court. Objection denied. You want to have another tyrant assigned to your case? You have to ask Passidomo, the chief support magistrate. His Excellency does not answer letter, at least letters from the commoners.

By the end of last year, I had a very short-lived financial break, or I should say, breath. Sicko’s claimed unreimbursed medical expenses for 2006-07 were paid off, 9% subprime interest rate too, and rapacious Child Support Collection Unit was -just !- withdrawing $1,000 in child support. But sicko ex-wife had in her pipeline new orthodontic expenses which could be covered by my health insurance. But why use my insurance when she can harm me in Family court and count on Grey for that purpose? In December 2008, I got a new money judgment for  $2,100 of unreimbursed medical expenses and a willful violation for not having paid them earlier. Really, what was I thinking of with the bonanza that Child Support Collection Unit was leaving me every month? To make things even better, Grey ordered me to pay half of Cheryl  Solomon (my ex-wife’s lawyer) fees: $1,125 to be sent by February 15 2009. Completely nonsensical, given that I cannot afford a lawyer and do not have one.  Support Magistrate Grey was surely paving the way for another “willful” violation. She has undeniably signed the textbook case of biased “justice”.

I have not heard of justice renovation in the President’s stimulus plan. Please, Mr President. Replace “the Greys” who staff family courts with unbiased magistrates. That would be better justice and good economic stimulus.

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