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Monstrosities are always done with the best intentions in the world,  for the superior interests of somebody else. Take slavery for instance: the slave master was convinced it was the best opportunity he could grant a negroe. Nowadays, divorced mothers may severe the links of the children with their fathers on  basically any ground, and the court system delivers;  in the name of the best interest of the child.

At least in England they have Bob Geldof to slay this sloppy justification of the violations of fathers rights.  Four out of ten fathers lose touch with their children forever, thanks to family courts.  In the recent “Fathers Rights” (part 2), Margaret Hodge, Minister of Children, gives Geldolf the cheap explanation for this sad state of affairs that “mothers are there to pick up kids in schools.” It does not cross her mind that the courts could give fathers a shot at picking children at school.

I guess if the Labor Party loses the elections on May 6, British fathers will not miss Margaret Hodge. And British children either.

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