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Today September 10 is the anniversary of my last supervised visit in 2005. Five years since I have not seen my girls.

There is not one day that I do not think of this irremediably wasted years of not having seen them grow up.  On this somber

Mesrine. Public Ennemy number 1 (Jean-François Richet, 2008)

anniversary, I also think of possible types of reunions.  The tragic and yet beautiful type is Wanda Rodriguez’s  with his father on his dead bed, thanks to pure fluke; The tragically funny one is Jacques Mesrine’s with his daughter, depicted in the movie  Mesrine, Public ennemy number 1(Jean -François Richet, 2008). Mesrine sees for the first time in years his daughter in a jail visiting room. Father and daughter are both clearly moved, and they don’t know what to say to one another. Mesrine,  the worst gangster of France in the seventies, tells his girl: ” you grew up beautiful”. And adds : “I hope you are not hanging out with punks on mopeds”.

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