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I found by chance an old New York Times article about this twenty- one-year old kid – Evan Emory. Evan Emory made a video singing for first graders, then edited the lyrics with his own, sexually explicit lyrics.  The first graders look like there are listening to profanities. Then he shows the video in a nightclub and posted it on YouTube.

That’s it. No kids have been exposed to pornography nor hurt. Just plain stupid. Sentence: no computer for you for a while, a few months cleaning playgrounds and writing a meaningful essay on pornography, starting with the erotic subtext in Perrault and Grimm tales.

Emory is unfortunately contemplating much more: Tony Tague, the Muskegon (Michigan) County Prosecutor charged him with manufacturing child pornography, which carries up to twenty years in prison and the label of sex offender.

This people must be watching to much of the repulsive Chris Hansen’s MSNBC  show “To Catch a Predator.

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patental alienationJustice is all about getting fast and demonstrable results. Take domestic violence and child abuse: for sure, they  cause severe harm to children that should be taken seriously. But most importantly, these crimes have  seemingly  easily identifiable culprits. With one complaint, the bastard gets an order of protection against him and  as a result, that boosts crime prevention statistics. Sometimes, the crusade itself might create the criminal. I was reading last night the nauseous but brilliant piece of Mark Bowden in the December issue of Vanity Fair. Detective Michelle Deery, posing as the mother of two girls, entrapped a man to write that he wants to have sex with the two girls. Bowden goes through their  emails and shows how the predator -the cop- gets what she wants from her prey, the fellow with the deprived libido. He wants to have sex with her but he is not interested in her girls. Every time he tries to set up a rendez-vous with her only, she pulls out. He gets it.  He indulges into saying what she seems to want : having sex with her and the girls; in any case, having sex with the girls. Nobody knows how the guy would have behaved with the girls had Deery been the nuts she pretended to be, but why care with such hair splitting? Predator caught. Deery should create a own show and compete with voyeur and sick Chris Hansen’s NBC show, “To Catch a Predator.

On the other hand however,  one wonders what it takes to have parental alienation acknowledged by the justice system. It leaves deep and perhaps indelible damage to children, years after the facts. Hence the justice system gets it just right: nothing urgent. To give credence to the charge of parental alienation in court, a group of 50 experts of 10 countries are pushing to have parental alienation registered as a syndrome in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Laudable efforts. The turning point in the recognition of parental alienation syndrome by the justice system might be a Jerry Springer show featuring a dad reunited with his alienated children.

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