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Nebraska's landscape

Thanks to Senators Lieberman and Nelson, we might end up with a bill  lacking the public option and making abortion coverage even more difficult.  The deal: no expansion of medicare to people 55 years old (the Senate version of the public option), every state pays for Nebraska’s medicaid and the two fellows vote for a bill subsidizing the health care industry.

Nelson’s demeanor was perhaps not foreseeable. Lieberman’s  however, completely.  Joe the Spoiler has been the knight of every wrong causes. Everybody remembers his pointless, self-righteous sermon at Clinton after the breaking of the Lewinsky scandal that prompted the impeachment’s madness, his relentless support for the war in Iraq, and now his flip-flopping on heath care reforms.  There is only one way with such sanctimonious egos: a prestigious and innocuous position far, very far from the action: US ambassador to Switzerland or Luxembourg for instance.

I was forgetting: Lieberman brags about his efforts in favor of child support enforcement laws that led to the infamous 1996 Welfare Reform Act, whereby non-custodial parents picked up the tab  for “the end of welfare as we knew it.”  I fear that with no competition in the health insurance market and mandatory health insurance, as premiums go up, the bulk of the bill will ultimately be passed to parents and most of all, to non-custodial ones.

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You want to know why family courts are harassing you to pay child support (whether or not your job situation has changed) – or unreimbursed medical expenses (that your ex-wife asks family court to recover for her while she is not using your health insurance that covers your kids) and does not give the first dam of your visitation rights? Search not any more. That’s all in Carmen D. Solomon-Fears’s report 97-590 this report titled “Child Support Enforcement and Visitation: Should There Be a Federal Connection?” posted in Let’sGetHonestBlog. And this is to cry.

First, the report reiterates the plight of Congress to enforce child support payments, whether or not the non-custodial parent is denied visitation rights by the custodial parents. Why such a noble endeavour by the way ? It is not that an average amount to raise a child decently has ever been defined. In most states, child support is an arbitrary flat, regressive percentage of the non-custodial parent ‘s (dad) income. Totally unfair but tractable. If there is a problem, and there are many, there is only one sucker to blame: dad.

Now in her report, Solomon-Fears rubbed two flints together and got a spark. What if Congress were to enforce visitations rights? Is Solomon-Fear pleading for fathers rights, or is she aware of the increase in child welfare that will result from seeing both parents? Nope. I guess, that would be too abstract for the average Congressman. Solomon-Fears’ s cues is more trivial: studies have shown that child support payments are more regular when visits are. Confounding evidence, which justifies why Congress should venture to help this degenerate breed -men- to see its kids.

What kind of enforcement are we envisioning? A 10 million found for access and visitation programs is mentioned for the fiscal year 1998. Peanuts that might have vanished with the budget surplus; Also, a mandate to provide locator information on certain custodial parents. Ex-wife has disappeared with the kids? Providing that there is no evidence of abuse or violence – you never know with men- somebody (your lawyer?) might seek information regarding the whereabouts of your children. Can somebody tell me who is the Honorable Locator in New York State? The phone number of my girls has been disconnected and ex has forgotten to give me their new one.

Fellow noncustodial fathers, with such prophets in Congress, we are not about to cross the Red Sea…

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