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“The Other F. word” was shown at the Film Forum (New York City) last week. It is about punk-rock male artists, some of them very famous like Jim Lindberg (Pennywise). They also have families and try to reconcile their lives as punk-rockers and fathers.

As one of them funnily says, people have very low expectations about them as fathers. They are covered with tattoos and piercing. “They have obviously inhaled” and put anything there is to put on their nose and veins. They dress strange and you don’t expect them to be part of a parent-teacher conference in a school on the Upper-East Side.

Yet as fathers, they have it all. First, unlike the rest of us, they had difficult families. Perhaps that’s why they are happily married. And lucky them, they struggle to see their kids and succeed to see them. You almost regret not to be a punk-rocker dad when you get out of the theatre.

A f… ing must see.

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