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By the end of 2007, I had not had any contact with my girls for more than two years; I had been on trial for child abuse for more than five years. My bank account was blocked by New York Child Support Collection Unit to collect ludicrous unreimbursed medical expenses that had piled up because ex prohibited medical providers to have contacts with me, so that I pay them with credit cards and have them fill up insurance forms. Hence came the idea of this blog: if ex with the help of the New York State Family Laws were to make me miserable, I would not go quietly. Moreover, I figured, perhaps one day my girls would read this blog and realize that all these years, I was thinking of them and love them.

I now know they read this blog. Two years ago I invited them to my birthday party and I had an entire conversation with them – my first in years!- about it. They told me: “We don’t want to have anything to do with you as long as this blog is up.”Again,I invited them to my birthday party this year, and again, they said: “Dad, tear down this blog!”

As we say in French, “chat échaudé craint l’eau froide” (once bitten, twice shy). In my long life with ex in Manhattan Family Court, I was always short of one condition to resume unsupervised visitations. That’s why yesterday I made this proposal, which I am posting here  to make sure that they get it (our communication was through my ex-wife’s work email address): “when I see you as I used to, on the weekends, unsupervised, and when I have email addresses and cell phone numbers of the girls, this blog will come down.”

Just a hunch, and nothing would make me happier than being wrong:  this blog will just cease to exist like many, by readers’ desertion. Anyway, I love you girls.

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