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Wade and Son

Looking at the lives of the rich and the famous is sometimes informative. I  guess that in their world, everything does not begin with the too-common Kay diamonds  but it certainly might end in a culmination of ugliness, with the children taken in the midst of the battle.

In the case of the NBA star Dwyane Wade’s divorce, money only does not explain how sour things have turned. Siohvaughn Wade clearly wants more than her share of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s wealth; she wants his skin or to deprive him of his rights to see his children It started with a phony accusation of having infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.  That’s ugly, but perhaps understandably so. What is not understandable ugliness is when Siohvaughn files a suit against Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend, using her own two sons, 8 and 12, as plaintiffs.

Siovaughn does more than pulling her sons into her fight against their father. She makes them her accomplices.  A beautiful example of parental alienation. I did not even think the justice system would allow minors to be associated in a suit against one parent. US family laws are not only tolerant on parental alienation,  they encourage it.

Fortunately for Dwyane Wade, his case is unlikely to end up in family court, unlike that of the commoners. Lucky him. I hope he gets custody of his kids.

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