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I  am one of the few that would trade the current US health insurance mess  against any socialized health insurance systems – the

Rep. Bart Stupak, Dem (Michigan)

Canadian, the Australian, the French (pick one)- or any of the socialist ones – the British or the Cuban- any day, any time.

Maybe this water-down health care bill that will subsidize private health insurance companies’ profits and smooth out their worst business practices will finally pass.  With no public option that would really make a difference. And as Dennis Kucinich foresaw it, it has to pass, otherwise it will send the US to another twenty years of  social misery. This would bring us back to square one.

What really make me sick are these folks on the Democratic side that further blur the debate on health care on irrelevant issues . Like Bart Stupak, Democratic House representative of Michigan, who is eager to make sure that the bill does not force  private insurance companies to reimburse abortion and respect the sanctity of the unborn life. That’s really a non-priority in this current debate. Private insurance companies do not respect the life of the “born” and that’s why their financial health is so insolent. They could not be happier to respect at least the life of the unborn. It would not cost them a penny.

Is there anything commanding in the position of the pro-life democrats? I believe not. It all boils down to ” if you don’t share my values or my life style, I do not want to pay for you.” The old argument that has been so successful to kill any reform in the past.  If Bart Stupak does not want his wife to have abortion (who does?) it does not have to have it. It remains that abortion is a medical act and as such, it should be covered.

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