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Tiger Woods

It was impossible to miss Tiger Woods ‘ apologies. It was everywhere. What this poor fellow said sounded totally foreign to me. Whom in hell was he apologizing to? To advertisers or TV channels whose revenues might be affected by the fall of the star? Then be clear man, talk to them. Because if you are talking to me, you missed your target. I have no claim on your moral rectitude. And around me, I don’t see anybody who does either.

Thanks to Tiger Woods’ exercise in contrition, do-gooders and most of the media had their attention diverted from much

Gregory Taylor

more important apologies. Apologies that matter.  That of the Wake County (North Carolina) district attorney, C. Colon Willoughby Jr. to Gregory F. Taylor. Why? Taylor had just been cleared by a special state innocence commission -unfortunately the only one in the nation- of the accusation of murdering a prostitute in 1991. He was wrongfully convicted and spent 16 years in jail. I wonder if he accepted the district attorney’s apologies.

Every time I go to Manhattan Family Court, I read on the wall at the entrance “exact and equal justice for all” (Jefferson). There is a bunch of non-custodial fathers who would not mind to see family courts taking on seriously the apology business.

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