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I will never get it.  This must be my French blood.  The thought of becoming rich has never seriously occupied my mind. Also, after the Lehman’s Brothers’ bankruptcy, the near one of AIG, Madoff”s Ponzi scheme, the meltdown of the real estate market and the collapse of the credit market, I would have thought that many people had given this dream a break, just for a while, until the economy cruises again at a less anemic, non-jobless growth rate. Obviously I had not heard of Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Education.

Rich dad

Robert Kiyosaki does not flatly want to teach people how to become rich. Dads are his target. Dads? Does he mean married dads?  or the rare specie of divorced custodial dads? Because if he has in mind non-custodial fathers, Rich Dad Education has invented the oxymoron of the year. These days, non-custodial fathers cannot make ends meet, and they are  massively denied reduction of child support payments by family courts, which want us to be “fit:” keep paying child support without complaining. Richard Kiyosaki wants to make us rich?

I cannot make Rich Dad seminars on September 10 and 11 in New York City. Can someone please share his notes?

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