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This Judge Judy’s case was on a recent Glenn Sacks’ posting. A 22 year-old man, Adrian Welsh, was suing his ex-girl friend,  Ashley Brawthen, for destruction and steal of property. On January 13 of this year, Ashley -with the baby she had with Adrian- leaves the conjugal apartment and go to her parents. On January 25, allegedly upon receiving a provocative phone call, she goes to her boyfriend’s, finds him with another girl and breaks the door of his bedroom.  Then, on January 30 – when Adrian is taking care of the kid!- she goes to court to get a restraining order and to file for custody.  This young lady has clearly understood the way to work the system: with a restraining order – that one can get without problem, one just wonders why they are not available with dispensing machines at the entrance of family courts- she will get the kid, most of the goods and revenge. Adrian Welsh was smart enough to take a break from  family court and knocked Judge Judy ‘s door. When Judge Judy asked Ashley why she filed for a restraining order, she repeats the sesame words: “he physically and verbally abused me,” but all the specifics she comes with is harassing text messages. Watch her having her ass properly kicked by Judge Judy:

Judge Judy regrets to see a Ashley Brawthen abusing a system that women have worked so hard to reform. Many non-custodial fathers wonders why the family court system let itself abuse so easily. Perhaps it would not be so if it was not  a behind closed- doors justice. Biases would not fly well in public.

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