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Some companies and advertising agencies are not always that subtle when it comes to family issues. For instance, remember the dead-stupid DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)  campaign with a little boy announcing “When I grow up, I will beat my wife,” that Glenn Sacks helped denounce. For once, one recent ad made me happy: the T-Mobile myFaves “Oversharing”. Check it out.

First, the situation is sweet. We have nosy pre-teens girls asking their dad about his internet dating, and dad does not know exactly how to handle it. More importantly, what I find rather exhilarating is that dad is free to chat with his girls. He might  have custody. In this T mobile dream world, there is no alienating ex-wife with her lawyer, the support magistrate, the law guardian and the family court judge on her Favefives making the life of her ex and his children impossible. If these T-Mobile marketers are pitching their wireless services to single dads with custody of their teens, this market may exist.

Gosh, I wish I was part of it. The last phone call from my little one is six month old; sicko ex-wife is not encouraging.

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