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F.I.T. (Fatherhood Initiative Training program) in Shelby county (Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana?) seems to  have found superheroes_2the miracle to turn this horrible specie -men- into fathers. According to Justin Averette, Shelby County Reporter, the goal of the program is to keep fathers who are behind in child support payments out of jail. You are falling behind in child support payment, out of work? Just take a 13- week class in Inverness Vineyard Church. You will graduate and feel a better, more responsible father. Shelby county family court refers deviant non-custodial fathers to the program.

What is the key for  fathers to be fit to fatherhood already ? First, be compliant with child support orders. Justin Averette does not tell us if FIT or Shelby County family court picks up the tab of child support if you loose your job, as Hyundai lets you keep your new car if you become unemployed. Second of all, have regular visitations with your child and have civil relation with their mother. I guess, unlike Manhattan Family Court, Shelby County Family court does not give custodial mother a free pass to alienate children.

I guess fatherhood fitness defined by family courts is really not my thing. Father 4 Justice is right: to comply with farcical family laws, which buries fathers with duties and denies them any right,  you have to beat the crisis. Be some kind of superhero; or one of these happy fellows of AIG, who got subsidized bonuses.

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