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If you live in New York, you cannot not have seen the childhelp.org spots urging people to be aware, and do something against child abuse. This spot is clearly inspired by the “if you see something, say something” ad supposed to rise people’s awareness against terrorism, that still -sadly- covers the walls of the New York City subway. One cannot wonder if the add itself, and the fear it prompts, was not in itself a victory for terrorism.  

Nobody would deny that child abuse needs to be prevented. Yet, fathers who like myself, have been victim of bogus trial of child abuse cannot not be alarmed by the damages of an unnecessary and excessive publicity on the topic. Perhaps childhelp does not know that there have been abuses of accusations of child abuse:  with one, founded or not, women have gotten an order of protection, which is the ticket for sole custody of the children in family court. Then the sole custodial parent can alienate in peace, and steps on the right of children and fathers to have contacts with one another. The alienating parent too, does not wear a t-shirt with the word “alienator,” and she/he too is a child abuser.  The difference is that family courts don’t give a damn about them: don’t trust your instinct, take my word for it.

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