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A few days ago, I received a letter from the New York State Child Support Processing Center (Albany) telling

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me that as of November 18,  my arrears were: zero. It meant that I had paid in full the obscene an biased income execution order of $5,522.23 for unreimbursed medical expenses for my girls. I will be able to live again  with less than 31% of my gross income taken away from my paycheck. Christmas in Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, things are not that simple with SSS (Surrealistically Slow and  Stupid) New York State Child Support System. On my last paycheck, no trace of relief. Garnishments of $202.5 are still deducted bi weekly from my gross wage, in addition to child support.

Why? After a conversation with a nasty female employee of the Support Enforcement Unit – these  folks screw up your life and dare not to be polite- I learned the sad truth: the State of New York (my employer) located in Albany (NY) has TWO WEEKS to process an information from the New York State child Support Processing Center located in… Albany. While the State of New York processes the information, the non-custodial can just die. To make things even more beautiful, all this information has to come back to the New York Child Support Enforcement Unit, in New York City.

What if the collection agency takes from you more than what you owe, as it is my case now? Worry not, non-custodial father.  Just write to Child Support Enforcement’s Office of Revenues and Investigation for…speedy service.

Clinton (Bill) said once that it wanted to build a (technological) bridge to the twenty first century. What an adventure that would be for the New York State Child Support System which is solidly anchored in the eighteenth century!

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