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Shining (Kubrick)

The Shining (Kubrick)

By the end of 2008, the State of New Jersey will consider an “anti-stalking law”. When you read the blog created to promote the swift passing of this great piece of legislation, you get it immediately. As the brilliant creators of the infamous Dallas Area  Rapid Transit’s ad, the promoters of the New Jersey legislative project seem to have dipped their inspiration at the same fecund source: simplistic, retarded and prejudiced anti-men propaganda.

To start with, the prose of the “anti-stalking law” knights tells you that “the batterer sees his partner and his children as a personal possession.” Don’t even think of suggesting to these folks that the alienating custodial mother might practice a more dangerous  mental stalking of her children on a permanent basis. They will reply that you, father right activists,  are just nostalgic of a patriarchal order,  or  hidden defenders of the Taliban agenda. Just move to the Northern tribal regions of Pakistan where Bin Laden is and where you belong!

Let us not even mention what purpose such a law would serve: add more bias to an already biased against fathers body of laws? Many women already abuse of orders of protection, which they get no questions asked to get full custody and deprive fathers of their right to see their children. Why aren’t feminist groups  devoting half of the energy they spent promoting these biased pieces of legislation to push for public preschools and universal health care instead?

The State of New Jersey has so far the least stupid family laws in the country. Let us hope that it will stay that way.

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