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According to Elisabeth Bumiller from the New York Times, John McCain was desperately looking for Joe the Plumber in a  recent meeting in Defiance, Ohio. Unable to find him, McCain told the crowd: “Well, you’re all Joe the Plumbers.”

Sorry John, we ain’t.  You are not very sensitive to the lot of the  commoners and Joe the Plumber is not one of them.  I and I believe most fathers,  have nothing to do with Joe the Plumber, who once made close to one quarter of a million bucks, decided not to acquire his business and then wondered if Obama’s tax plan would hurt his business project if – oh my God!- Bush tax cut were to be repealed and he were to pay 39%  in income tax instead of 35%.

Unlike Joe the Plumber, I am not scarred by the unlikely rebirth of communism, here in America. However,

Regino Romero

Regino Romero

most fathers struggle and fear more  continuing  rising inflation and wage squeeze for low- wage workers than the so-called Obama’s socialism. They feel closer to Regino Romero, the Salvadorian American father of three children whose story was narrated in the Washington Post a week ago, than to Joe the Plumber. Regino Romero is not the typical father in the sense that he got the custody of his three children.  Like most divorced fathers, he has issues with family court. He cannot make it, and he has not figured out yet how he can get family court to order his former wife to pay him child support for the three kids he is raising. Regino is a cook and he is looking for a second job, like delivering pizzas, so that he will earn more money and be able to be at night with the kids. What is he thinking about anxiously when he is not with the kid? Money, mony again and how to make it;  Not a tax increase for the folks earning more than $250 000 a year, that will affect them in a million years.

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