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Triton Abducting a Nymph

Triton Abducting a Nymph

In 2005, Tanya Diane Brown abducted her five children, two of whom from her marriage with Chuck Brown.  Tanya Diane Brown had first tried the venue of “legal abduction:” pressing made-up charges against her husband to have the poor bastard removed from the life of her children by family court. She accused her husband of having sexually abused her children. For once, it did not work. Several agencies declared the accusations unfounded. On February 13, 2008, Tanya Diane Brown and the five children were found near the Tehachapi mountains (California). During these five years, they had little schooling and no medical and dental care.

According to Steven Mayer from the Tehachapi News, Chuck Brown cannot believe how benign the sentence of her wife is: five year probation and one hundred hours of community services. A slap in the wrist. On August 4,  Christian Gehartsreiter alias Rockefeller was arrested in Baltimore for having kidnapped his daughter Reigh, whom he treated perfectly. I wish he will not get one more day of probation and community services than Tanya Diane Brown.

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