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Sarah Palin was picked by John McCain as his running mate only two weeks ago and I am already feeling a deep Palin fatigue.

Win Mcnamee/Getty Images file

Win Mcnamee/Getty Images file

Sarah Palin “does it all;” According to Allison Linn from MSNBC, Sarah Palin toted her newborn at public events, Sarah Palin nursed him during conference calls. Sarah Palin manages political responsibilities and a large family with ease and grace.  If the republican ticket is elected (God protect us!) there will be at least one happy group of people: her staff and the employees of the White House.  You are one of them, you have an urgent parent-teacher conference to attend, your spouse is in a business trip and you don’t know what to do with the baby? Worry not. Just give Vice-President Palin a call. She will gladly take care of your little one while you are at your parent-teacher conference. She must even have a few diapers left with her.

Sarah Palin “has it all.” That’s actually for Governor Palin to decide if she is plainly a women, a mother, a wife and a politician.  In the world I live tough, women – and men sharing their lives – are not happy to have to nurse or to take care of a kid at work. They are pissed: pissed at not being able to afford twelve miserable weeks of maternity leave without pay (thank you Clinton), pissed at the lack of public nurseries and public kindergarten schools, pissed at having to waste a night at the emergency room if a kid is sick because no doctor would come to your place at night. Sarah Palin brags about successfully handling a career and being a mother at the same time. The political message is crystal clear: you can do it…alone.  There is no need for more public schools, no need for universal health insurance.  The US can remain in the state of social prehistory it is now for the rest of the twenty-first century.

Now, toss a divorce in the Palin brand and you go from the “has-it-all” type of women to the “must-have- it-all-anyway” type: sicko ex-wife. Sicko ex-wife thinks her kids are her property and feels entitled to severe their ties with their father, with the support of family court.  Sicko ex-wife denies the father of her children any involvement in their life: no medical reports, no access to the school, no school reports. Sicko ex-wife keeps the father from using his health insurance for their kids, so that he goes in a deeper financial hole with unreimbursed medical expenses.

I hope that the choice of Sarah Palin will not prove to be McCain’s perfect political coup. But for sure, hawkish patriarch McCain and super hockey mom Palin are the perfect match: the two faces of right-wing conservatism.

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