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The State of Minnesota is currently experimenting a “new formula” for child support payments. This new formula takes into account both the custodial and non custodial parents incomes. Simple fairness, which to my knowledge, is only prevalent in New Jersey child support laws.

According to Jean Hopfensberger of the Star Tribune, this “new formula” for child support is raising a lot of oppositions in the State of Minnesota. Some custodial parents – women- have seen their child support payments decrease sharply and they are not happy about it. On the other side, father- right activists complain that the formula considers gross income and not net income in the computation of child support payments.

Point well taken. But from New York State where I live, the Minnesotian formula seems a decisive step toward sustainable and fair child support payments for non-custodial parents. In New York, we have the conventional, retarded “formula”: the custodial -parent income is ignored, and the non-custodial parent pays a flat percentage of his income in child support, whatever his income.

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