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In the matter of a custody/visitation proceeding, Brodsky against Lacour (myself), things are officially over. A decision has been made last July 23, 2008. Since sicko ex-wife filed a complaint of child abuse on June 13, 2002, it took the great Manhattan Family Court 6 years, two months and ten days to figure out that I am not a child abuser. Six years after A.C.S. (later is better than never), the Court reached the conclusion that I did not mess up my daughter Camille’s implant: “this Court is not convinced by evidentiary standard that Respondent’s actions contributed to the problems with the cochlear implant (p.5).” As I read further, I am almost having an identity crisis: “The Court finds that the Respondent (myself) does not present a danger to the subject children, and that it is in the best interests of the subject children to enjoy a relationship with their father (p.6).”

Justice? Not so fast. Admire the implacable logic at work: “Petitioner (sicko ex-wife) has been remarkable for her tenacity in using the Court system to obtain what can only be perceived as her desire to extinguish the subject children’s relationships with their father (p.5)” Conclusion: “…the present relationship between the subject children and Respondent is so strained as to require therapeutic, supervised visitation.” Let us give six more months to sicko ex-wife to further spoil my relationship with my girls, if it was possible. As remarkable as my ex-wife’s sick desire to severe the relationship of her children with their father is the natural instinct of Manhattan Family Court to always extend this woman’s leeway to achieve her goal.

While the winning team, Honorary Helen Sturm, assisted by Garline Octobre, the law guardian, was crafting this jewel, former Bosnian Serb president, Radovan Karadzic was arrested in Serbia and transfered to the U.N. war tribunal in The Hague. The man is the mind behind the July 1995

Srebenica’s massacre and he is charged with the slaughter of thousands of Bosnians and Croats. I do not know if the Bosnians will get justice, but I bet what New York Child Support Enforcement leaves me with every month that the UN war tribunal will not take six years to reach a decision!

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