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I am sick about the media frenzy around the presumptive first families. We got it. Barack and John are lucky, happy fellows. Michelle is a knockout and they have two adorable daughters. Arctic Cindy is not exactly my type, but John has nothing to complain about either, as family goes. He has many children and his first wife clearly did not give him much grief to see those they had together.

As much as I do not care about how many times Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni do it or whether it is at the Elysée Palace or in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, I do not care either about the 2008 version of the rosy family model given by the two candidates for the oval office. I must be a dinosaur. What starts getting under my skin tough is that these two blessed fellows do not seem to care much about the rest of us, the normal broken families, the interrupted fathers who do not see their kids and sometimes rot in jail for arrears in child support. Am I deaf or are they rather mute about fixing the biases of the family justice system?

Instead, Barack and John were busy talking about the surge in Iraq last week. Very important subject, the surge. As a divorced father on trial for child abuse for more than six years and financially strained by sicko ex-wife supported by Manhattan family court, I want to give these two gentlemen an unsolicited, free-of-charge foreign policy advice. DO NOT EXPORT, under any circumstances, American family laws and family justice system anywhere, and in Iraq for that matter. Al Qaeda would not even dare to dream about it. This would be the end of any hope of peace in Iraq and in the Middle East.

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