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Forensic psychological evaluation…It sounds like the last refinements in the field of psychology will be applied to unmasking the most devious child abuser. The poor bastard can try any tricks, he will be overwhelmed by the power of science.

Sometimes in 2003, when the judge told us that we had to go through this forensic evaluation, my ex-wife, the girls and myself, I was already on trial for more than a year. At this point, I was keen on passing on science. I didn’t see the point. A.C.S. had long concluded that the accusations of child abuse were unfounded (see previous posting). I had countless supervised visitations and they have turned to a routine with no end in sight. Yet my beloved shrink (she is the best, even the Argentines cannot compete), whom I was then seeing, told me to play the game. She researched her shrink network and recommended some Steiner, in the Upper East Side.

Menial problem: $10,000 for the forensic evaluation, and the same amount to have Dr. Steiner testify in Family Court. Go get evaluated elsewhere, you common people!

Elsewhere would be Dr. Berrill. Well below Steiner’s price range but not painless either: $1,500 for the evaluation, $750 a piece. One month of child support at the time or twelve pathetic supervised visitations. Let me save you the suspense: with Berrill, science is not moving forward and fathers are better off sticking with A.C.S ! (To be continued)

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