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They are the dark executioners of New York State ‘s family justice court orders about child support. Official name: the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement. If you fall behind in your child support payments, or in your due unreimbursed health expenses because sicko ex-wife does not let you use your insurance, support magistrates might issue an income order. Then you will have to deal with them. Fathers who have this misfortune know them better as the Support Collection Unit.

Apparently, they are human. These self-called “Partners to Children” seek to educate non-custodial parents with a one-hour cheesy movie for retarded on their website. The slow-learner non-custodial parent can even check his progress in assimilating his obligations with yes-no questions which season the movie. At the end of the year, non-custodial parents like me, whose child support payments are directly withdrawn from their paycheck, receive a thank-you letter from Frances Pardus-Abbadessa, Deputy Commissioner, for their “commitment and dedication;” After the educative dimension, this is the participative dimension of the Support Collection Unit’s relation with its victims: the hangman tries to make them feel good and involved in their execution.

Now try to understand why you are left with $900 a month to live with or why an insane 31 percent of your gross income has been sucked up from your paycheck, and go to the Office of Child Support Enforcement Customer Service Office located on 151 West Broadway. You get the kick-in-the-ass version of “customer service”. When the nasty fellow that answers you understands that you will trash him on the evaluation form, you get to talk to the director. She might apologize and hint that they are only the sorry executioners of insensitive support magistrate decisions.

Are they that sorry tough? Sometimes in February 2008, I heard on PBS some New York State official bragging about dramatic improvements in child support collection compared to last year in New York. Thanks to these improvements, what fathers need in this state is a serious economic stimulus payment!

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