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Carlos Alvorado and Son (Photo L.A. Times)Carlos Alvarado is a Mexican illegal immigrant. He arrived in the US in 1991, met a women, Marla Campo, whith whom he had a son, Michael. Things turned bad. Marla Campo ran away with the boy. With the help of the police, Carlos tracked down his boy. He got joint custody in Los Angeles Family Court – yes you heard me, joint custody – and two weekends a month with his son. In fact, Carlos spends all the weekends with his son Michael and pays child support.

Unfortunately Carlos had to land in immigration Court after driving under influence. The judge granted him the right to stay in the US, for deporting Carlos would impede him from seeing his son. So far, Los Angeles seems like wonderland, with two smart courts in the same city. Yet the dream might end here. According to Glenn Sacks from the American Chronicle, the government attorney has appealed the case and wants Carlos to be deported, arguing that visitations would be no different as if Carlos were to relocate in another state. He will just need a cross-border visitation order. Did this brilliant government attorney ask the INS to pay for the traveling expenses related to visitations?

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