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I guess it is with Support Magistrates as it is with the subway in the city.  Occasionally, it works; the rest of the time, you are stuck with poor service.  However, if you can swallow daily messy train rides, you cannot take sloppy justice.

On December 7 2007, I was summoned to appear in  Court again.   My ex-wife had filed a petition for violation of a 2005 court order. I failed  to  pay $4, 647 in in-reimbursed medical expenses for my daughters, 75% of which for  orthodontic expenses that could be covered by my dental insurance.  From 2006 to this day, my ex-wife  refused to use my dental insurance, threatened the orthodontist, Dr. Leffert, to take her business elsewhere if he were to file the insurance forms or if he were to send me the bills, so that I could pay them and deal myself with my insurance.

Support Magistrate Grey did not bother with such menial details: $4,026 were granted in favor of my ex-wife, plus $621.23 for her legal fees. And by the way, Support Magistrate Grey provides relief to a millionaire. This Court order puts incredible financial strain on me; with the amount that was granted to my ex-wife, I suppose she will not pay half of a  the painting of her loft in Soho.

I objected the court order, at no avail.  I now will appeal it. In the meantime, any legal clue to change Support Magistrate is welcome. I am back to Court on May 22, 2008, for other in-reimbursed medical expenses.

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